Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent, The Passage of This Comprehensive Healthcare Reform Bill, is a major Achievement by President Obama's Presidency, and a Historic Moment for the American People.

Now, we msut make Maximum Use of our Spectrum Resources. We must Used our Technological Strength, to Increased the Capacity of this Very Limited Spectrum Resource (i, e, Increased Air Interface/Spectral Efficiency).

We must used some of the Stimulus Funds, in combination with a 50/50 Joint Venture of Government, and Private Sector Investment, and Used the Combined Funding (i, e, it may Cost up to $300 Billions), to Build Intelligent Infrastrucutre Services for: Healthcare IT, Broadband, Smart Transportation Systems, and Smart Grids.

BROADBAND SERVICES - The Engine of Economic Growth in this 21st Century is "BROADBAND." We can start by, Deployment of a pure Packet-based, All Optical/IP, Multi-Service National TRANSPORT (BackHaul) Network Infrastrucutre, using Optical Ethernet throughout this National "NETWORK OF NETWORKS." This Connect All Optical Islands, Nationwide.

HEALTHCARE IT - Proper Deployment of Health Information Technology (HIT) Solutions and Training will Increased Productivity (i, e, medical data mining/warehousing, risks treatment, service dellivery), Efficiency (i, e, medical errors, redundant and inappropriate care), and Provide this Nation, with a Cost Savings of around 20-30% of our Annual National Healthcare Expenditures (2009, $ 2.5 Trillions).

The Investmment in this National "Network of Networks", in addition to New Jobs Creation and Economic Recovery, can also Serve as a Business Driver for: Law Enforcement (FOP) Nationwide Network, e-Government, e-Commerce, e-Education, e-Healthcare, Bio-Surveillance, Smart Energy and Transportation Systems, Social Networking, Entertainment, etc.

This Investment, is like Investments made in the past, in ERA, TVA, the National RailRoad, and the National Transportation Inter-State Highways, which Increased Productivity and our GDP.

Please See: for NHIN Summary Deployment Plan.

Gadema Korboi Quoquoi
President & CEO

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